Praise from our couples

David and Jinetta

Firstly, let us just say, if you’re currently looking around at other photographers/videographers and sussing up your options, stop right there. Just book these guys. Venue dates don’t match up with Kevin & Heena’s? Too bad, find another venue. Make it happen, you can do it.

Kev & Co made the whole journey an absolute breeze. Initially, we were drawn towards their photos, the way they captured certain moments and the whole ‘look’ & ‘feel’ of their shots was right up our alley. However, we soon figured out that that was just the icing on the wedding cake (pun heavily intended). What made TSE amazing was their ability to work around us, accommodating our needs, planning, coordinating, and being so easy to work with on the big day.

We, along with many other reviewers it seems, aren’t amazing in front of the camera when it comes to proper photoshoots and such. The team at TSE knew exactly what they were doing and made sure that we were always comfortable and knew how to work with our ‘awkwardness’ (and use it to their advantage if anything). One of the groomsmen is a military man so asking him to pose naturally for the camera is about as useless as the letter G in lasagna. The other had to throw gang signs every 8 seconds (he is the opposite of a ‘gangster’). Was any of this a problem? Nahhhh.

Everybody on the team was easy to talk to, easy to work with, and was there when you needed them to be and not when you didn’t ( ninjas?). They are genuinely great people to work with and this allowed us to be ourselves the whole day.

We cannot recommend them enough and we also cannot thank them enough.

(Written by the husband. My wife says yeah that’ll do just post it)

Justin and Yuj

From the moment we stumbled onto their Instagram page, Justin and I knew we wanted Two Similar Eyes to be a part of our special day, as our wedding photographers. We had been eyeing their incredible work for years!

The whole booking process with them was so smooth. Kevin was always attentive to our emails with extremely quick response times. On our initial meeting with them, Justin and I felt so comfortable. They truly took their time and were invested in getting to know us as a couple, and also as individuals. I think this is what sets them apart from other wedding photographers out there. We really felt like they were our friends, and we were able to build a connection on a personal level with them.

Justin and I, unfortunately, had to postpone our wedding date four times due to covid, but throughout all the rescheduling and locking in new dates, they supported us and were extremely accommodating to these changes. We felt so relieved to have such a wonderful and understanding vendor work with us. Luckily, we were able to hold our big day in November 2021, and it was the most amazing day of our lives!

Both our Pre-Wedding (Sweetheart) Session and Wedding Photography were taken by Two Similar Eyes. Justin and I had a few photo ideas and visions that we wanted our photos to look/be like, such as, we really liked the natural and candid vibes. They were so attentive to our ideas and we were of course, 100% open and trusting to follow their visions and ideas too. They made us, photo rookies, feel so comfortable as they lead us through the entire experience.

We just received our final wedding set yesterday, and we are lost for words. Once again, we are so amazed at their work! They truly have an exquisite eye for detail and through their work, you can see their creativity and passion!

Two Similar Eyes, thank you so much! Justin and I are so blessed to have worked with such a lovely couple, and we truly feel like we’ve gained a friendship from this journey. You guys are truly amazing at what you do and your passion and love for wedding photography definitely show in your craft.

Colin and Alice

We are filled with immense gratitude for Kevin, and Will for their amazing work capturing our wedding day. The photos and video were simply wonderful. We adore them and will cherish them for many years to come.

The team is true artists and absolute masters of their craft. We had an intimate garden ceremony and were after a photographer with a focus on a relaxed, candid, and organic style of shooting. Kevin and Will captured the mood, emotions, and set beautifully. And while we requested a simple, raw recording of our ceremony, the way it was edited with the music and montages, made it feel really special. They were both friendly and gracious, yet still professional. Their interactions with us and our guests made us all feel comfortable, it was easy to let our guard down and relish in the joy of our celebration. Looking at the photos made us feel like we were reliving the day again, and truly gives credence to the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. We can’t recommend Two Similar Eyes enough.

Jesse and Jane

Two Similar Eyes were our first and best wedding decision. 

Our choice of wedding photographers was very important to us, not only because of the memories they would capture, but more importantly because we knew that we would be spending the entire wedding day with them. And from our first time meeting them, and every time after that, we were completely at ease and felt that we were with good friends.

Among the many qualities that make them great photographers and great people, they are passionate, honest, and eager to help. Throughout the entire wedding planning process (made extra difficult with COVID-19), they were always responsive, understanding, and supportive.

Needless to say, they are very talented in their craft, and their work is absolutely amazing. We have received so many compliments on our engagement shoot and wedding day photos. In particular, our friends and relatives overseas, who couldn’t attend our wedding in person because of COVID-19, felt that our photos really showed the fun and happiness that we experienced that day.

And that was my favourite thing about Two Similar Eyes’ work. Their shots were not only so incredibly beautiful, but they truly represent what I felt and how I remember the most perfect day. And because of these photos, my memories of the day are now even more vivid because they captured the day so authentically and accurately.

Brad and Cass

We were incredibly happy to have Two Similar Eyes as our wedding photographers. They were lovely to work with from the start and were prompt to respond to any questions. We appreciated the guidance and support they gave us to help plan our big day and ensure we could have wonderful memories captured on camera. They were a joy to work with during our sweetheart session and on our wedding day, as they both have such warm and approachable personalities. We could tell that they genuinely invest in knowing and capturing their couples deeply. They both have a keen eye for capturing details and moments which is evident throughout the work.

We were drawn to their work from the moment we found them online and could not be more pleased with the final result. We had such a wonderful experience getting to know them and having them along with us on our journey. They felt less like ‘hired photographers’ and more like old friends. We cannot recommend Two Similar Eyes highly enough.

Justin and Jodie


We hired TSE to be our photographer for our engagement photo shoot and our wedding. From the get-go, their communication and attention to our needs were incredible. They showed genuine interest in our vision for our wedding and provided very helpful recommendations based on their experience wherever needed.

There were so many difficulties in planning our wedding due to COVID, however, having TSE help us through the process proved to be critical in our wedding’s success. They were also ready and willing to help us walk through the details of the entire day, not just to do with photography, to ensure things would be able to run as smoothly as possible.

We just got our photos back from them, and we’re absolutely blown away. Not just by how good the photography was, but of the precise moments from the hectic day that they were able to capture based on what they knew about us. The tender loving care that they put in to get to know my wife and I really showed in the photos.

I can’t recommend these folks enough. To have these guys in your corner on your special day is something that you’ll be thankful for before, during, and after the event.

Jimmy and Jessica

Kevin and Heena are a power couple that compliments each other in so many ways that they have a thorough understanding of what you would love and what you never thought you needed on your big day.

A keen eye for detail, creativity, and also oozing with passion. You can sense their complete dedication to the craft of photography and they also have the option to shoot on film, which is such a rare option to have!

They really care about capturing the aspects that are important to you and we don’t think we could have been happier with our decision to choose them as our wedding photographers.

Two Similar Eyes received so many compliments on the day and our family and friends loved the gallery they created for us!

They have a very professional, non-invasive, and calm approach with their services. Just take a look at their website and socials and you’ll know exactly why they are so sought after!

Kerry and Sarah

If you want your wedding day to be a breeze, or if you just want beautiful photos that capture magical moments, Kevin and Heena will be the perfect fit. You need only to look through their IG feed to see how this duo expertly captures the emotion and stunningly crafts their shots.

My husband and I were privileged enough to have Kevin and Heena shoot our engagement session and wedding day. When we suggested a less traditional option for our sweetheart session, they did not question it but instead enthusiastically jumped right on board! They looked for a shoot location that best suited our vision and even went as far as setting up a vision board and sharing advice on how to style our outfits for the occasion.

For two people that felt very unnatural in front of the camera, working with them felt like we were joking around with old friends – it was an absolute breeze.

We are so thankful to have been able to work with Kevin and Heena and see their passion and expertise come to light in our final gallery. Choosing them was definitely one of the best decisions we made. I cannot recommend these two fabulous humans enough!

Richard and Angela

A heartfelt thanks to our friends Kevin and Heena at TSE. They are truly masters of their craft and have an eye for capturing moments in an authentic way.

Awkward and camera-shy, my wife and I were quite anxious about being photographed. However Kevin knew how to put us instantly at ease during our sweetheart session… we ended up having so much fun and before we knew it, it was over! We went home with so much confidence for the big day.

Warm and personable, they are easy to work with and take the time to get to know you. This is reflected in their work, photos that capture your dynamic and let your personalities shine. They were also generous with tips to help our planning and day go much smoother.

Our photos bring us so much joy. We’ll be cherishing and enjoying them for years and generations to come.

Andrew and Lucy

We had our wedding in December last year!

Both Andrew and I aren’t naturally photogenic people nor do we usually love taking lots of photos. But we had soo much fun with Kev and Heena with our engagement photos. They also made our day with the wedding photos. We had such a fun time with our bridal party!

We loved the colours and the way all the photos came out! Would highly recommend twosimilareyes to all our friends!

It was one of the best decisions we made in regards to our wedding!

David and Julie

Kevin and Heena were a joy to work with. They were prompt, professional, friendly, flexible when COVID kept changing our plans, and just so good with their photos. It’s easy to make my wife look good, but much harder to make me look presentable and they somehow pulled off the miraculous – I look alright! We definitely recommend Two Similar Eyes for anyone looking for amazing professional photography.